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Below is a list of properties currently being developed or are in the project planning stages.  If you believe you have a property that you would like to sell, or if you have interest in partnering with us, please feel free to contact us.

Imagine 500, 1000, 1500, even 50,000 customers lined up at your front door of your store (Domain Name) before you even open it, and that happens with a different set of people each and every day, week after week, month after month, year after year.  This is the value of what a great domain brings.


VirtualAgent.com - What will be a premier lead generating portal for the Real Estate, Financial and Insurance industries, VirtualAgent.com is currently an open project.  We expect to bring this service online Q2 of 2014.

RealTV.com - RealTV.com will be an online social forum to discuss everything related to your favorite Reality Television shows.  As a portal for Real TV, RealTV.com may also offer users the ability to upload their own videos and comments.  We want to give users the freedom to create their own online reality shows giving them mass exposure.  Expected Launch: TBD

ActionNews.com - Combined with our unique advantage in online traffic aggregation, our online News Services will provide a central repository for news worthy information.  Expected Launch: TBD

VoIPCentral.com - VoIPCentral will offer users the most up to date information and reviews on everything Voice-Over-IP related products and services.  Expected Launch: Q2 2014

eConcierge.com - eConcierge.com will offer businesses the ability to bid on local service offerings to hotels and the service industry.   This service will catapult local businesses in providing localized services to companies and individuals.  Imagine the ability to go to eConcierge.com to have your car washed?  To buy movie tickets?  To order lunch for an office meeting?  The options are endless and we expect to take our time making the most of this.  Expected Launch: TBD

VCO.com - As an acronym, Venture Capital Online will provide a single source of Industry News, Contact and Networking services bringing together Angel Investors, Entrepreneurs, Financial Organizations & VC firms.  Expected Launch: TBD

BusinessAnalysis.com - Using this prime real estate as a catalyst, BusinessAnalysis.com will offer businesses that are looking to be acquired or investors interested in the feasibility of a business purchase the information they need to make an informed decision.  Expected Launch: TBD

FoolProof.com - A turn-key or hosted email security solution that virtually eliminates 99.9% of all spam and viruses before they reach your infrastructure.  FoolProof.com will be the primary leader of unified Email Security and Data Loss Prevention offer a vast range of solutions for Government and Institutional users.  Expected Launch: Q4 2014

GreatValues.com, InstantSaver.com & DollarItems.com - While GreateValues.com and InstantSaver.com will provide a source of great coupons online, DollarItems.com will provide a source of products from vendors and suppliers where the individual item does not exceed one US Dollar.  These projects are expected to play a major part in micro payment solutions as well.  Expected Launch: TBD

DrDownload.com -  As an online file repository, these properties will give fortune 1000 companies a secure method to share files, isolating access to specific groups of individuals and or suppliers and vendors.  Custom  website integration to the customers website will be provided.  Expected Launch: TBD

PetDirect.com -  Online Pet Supplies and Services, PetDirect.com will offer local business to operate globally.  Suppliers large or small, PetDirect.com will offer pet owners the 'best of breed' when it comes to products and services.  By utilizing our online rating system, suppliers will have to keep quality and service high with the increased demand this service will bring to them.  Expected Launch: TBD

CareerWatch.com - Get the latest information regarding your industry, find jobs, post jobs, and track changes in the average salary for your career.  CareerWatch.com will help employees and employers by providing a baseline and guid for salaries and bonuses.  Expected Launch: TBD

Guilt.com -  As a new social based website, Guilt.com provides users their own personal online sharing site for "deals" on apparel and accessories for everyone to see.  Expected Launch: TBD

CaseMods.com & EliteHardware.com - A storefront for PC modifications, cases, hardware, tools and accessories.  Expected Launch: TBD

... And thousands more...

More information will be provided as projects progress.  Property development is constantly changing along with new properties are added to the development process at all times.   Each project's primary objective, scope and overall services can change without notice.  Be sure to watch the progress...


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