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NV.com Registry Logo

The nv.com Registry, LLC - A registry for nv.com domain names providing the entertainment capital of the world, a new beginning.  The registry provides an easy way for businesses in Nevada to create a new identity on the Internet with a more generic domain name, or even a name that fits their business better.

If your company is registered in Nevada, do business in Nevada or have ever done business in Nevada, a .nv.com domain name is critical to your business success. If your company is a registered Netherlands Limited Liability Company (Naamloze Vennootschap - "NV") you should also register your company name as a domain name in the .nv.com registry. By doing this, it will provide your company the global presence it needs to stay competitive in the world economy.

In the news: Northern Nevada Business Weekly

Converg Media Logo

Converg Media LLC - Converg Media brings together the "three Cs" -- computing, communications and content.  Converg Media manages many specific geo-based Internet properties in all forms such as advertising, marketing and content distrubution services such as local weather, local news, events and business directory data.  Converg offers access to a back-end content delivery network (CDN) and is able to easily distrubute and offer value-added services of local content to these properties in the form of: Local Movie Listings, Local News, Local Calendar of Events, Hotel and Travel Information, Local Weather, An Advertising Engine and Local Business Directory Services.

Converg provides automation and SEO services to easily improve local search placment for specific categories and ultimate added value to the customer.

Global Internet Logo

Global Internet - As an ICANN Accredited Registrar, our Global Internet services help customers with global domain name registrations, web hosting, email hosting, chat services, online shopping carts and many more value added services.  Our customer support and technical back-end is second to none providing users the assurance they need when they register a domain name or purchase additional services.

Global Internet is an Expert in Global Domain Name Management for Corporations, Law Firms and IP Professionals. Global Internet  provides global domain registrations and renewal services along with global domain name portfolio consolidation.

Media Circus Logo MediaCircus.com - An independent news organization specializing in current events and anything that shocks our world with the latest news and information in our geopolitical environment we live in.  Be sure to leave the general mainstream media and join the Media Circus!

RealTV.comRealTV.com is the easiest way to Bookmark and organize videos into your own collection creating your own centralized playlists from multiple sources on the Internet.  RealTV is the leader in social video bookmarking stripping the proprietary playlists other video repository sites restrict you to.

RealTV.com is social video bookmarking,  Users can collect videos from all around the web from different sources and create their own playlist 3D widget to play in their blog or website.  RealTV.com decouples the overhead from other video websites and gives the user an easy to use interface in creating their own video profile.

BlogParty Logo

BlogParty.com - An anchor in the blogging community, BlogParty is an online forum where people can discuss their blogs, making money with their blogs and gain helpful insight on with other bloggers are doing.  As a community focused site supporting the blogging community, BlogParty will be changing soon to include some very exciting services.  Blogging is one thing, but a service that will help get bloggers online and the highest exposure possible is another.  Look for some exciting changes in Q1 of 2008.


SecurNET Consulting Logo
SecurNET Consulting - A leader in Internet Security Auditing and Threat Assessment services, SecurNET provides fortune 1000 companies with added assurance in identifying and mitigating Internet security related risks.  Our expert staff all hold the coveted Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) ensuring our clients are given the most knowledgeable and informed consultants in the industry.  We strive on providing our employees and consultants the most up to date security information and training available.

OKC.com, BattleCreek.com, KCMetro.com, Cumberland.com

Our properties cover the cities and metropolitan areas of Oklahoma City (OKC.com , OklahomaCity.net & OKC.org ), Kansas City (KCMetro.com , KCNews.com ), Cumberland (Cumberland.com ) and Battle Creek (BattleCreek.com ).  NetraCorp Community Portal Services managed by our Converg Media group provides content to very highly targeted and populous markets and are in constant development offering theses areas the latest News, Weather, Sports, Community Events, Television Schedules, Local Movie Listings and a plethora of continuously updated information.  Soon, all major cities in Nevada will be under the management of Converg Media, so look for more exciting changes to come!

ActionNews.com Logo

Although this project is also listed on the "properties under development" page and not public, we are anxious to get this pushed to the top.  As more and more news agencies provide distributed content via an open method, such as rss and xml, we will be aggregrating major news agencies content for redistribution through our network.  This project is targetted to large organizations who need specific industry focused news or organizations that just want to outsource their news aggregation services.  Buy using ActionNews.com to promote your news and information, we will offer news organization the ability to syndicate their content to a global audience.

Be sure to check out some of our other properties currently in development and coming online soon!


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