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NetraCorp LLC builds and grows innovative, profitable organizations quickly by employing cutting edge technologies with continuously evolving best practices and standard operating procedures. Our properties thrive due to top line branding,  customized partnerships, real-time actionable analytics, guerrilla marketing tactics, and our unique methods of Internet traffic management.  NetraCorp's line of properties strive for rapid applications development with correspondingly fast marketing analysis. While each property is unique, they leverage many synergies.  As a foundation, each of our companies are built upon a premium, brandable domain asset.

Our Services:

  • NetraCorp Registry Services - We providing the back-end and integration services, web hosting, domain management and email for organizations wishing to sell premium generic domains under their own root domain.  For example, NV.com is ideal for any product or service provider within the State of Nevada as domains can be registered such as: LasVegas.NV.com, Reno.NV.com, Travel.NV.com, Entertainment.NV.com, etc.  If you have a premium generic domain name that would fit this model, please feel free to contact us for more information.

  • Global Internet (http://gi.net) - As an ICANN Accredited Registrar, we specialize in Expert Global Domain Name Management and Administration for Corporations, Law Firms and IP Professionals. Global Internet provides global domain registrations and renewal services along with global domain name portfolio consolidation.  Global Internet also offers a free privacy protect service with global locations.

  • Traffic Monetization - As one of the early pioneers of Internet Traffic Monetization, we privately own and operate a highly scalable and redundant infrastructure for automatically optimizing our own properties based on the type of visitors and the information the visitor is looking for.  With over .5 million unique visitors per month (99.5% direct navigation with 93% North America), our network quickly optimizes a mixture of pay-per-click (PPC), pay-per-action (PPA) and pay-per-call (PPCall) options that target our visitors offering them the most relevant and targeted information from our advertisers.

  • Internet Marketing & Consulting - Converg Media provides organic search engine optimization to Fortune 5000 companies and local SEO for the Kansas City and Oklahoma City areas.  Converg provides the research and ability to accurately measure results created by the efforts to help clients.  Converg Media has been around as long as it's parent company, only until recently the resources provided by NetraCorp is now available to clients of Converg.

Our Online Properties:

Our properties cover a vast range of industries, borders and environments globally.  When we purchase and develop a property, we see the potential in each one.  Specializing in rapid application development and brand awareness, NetraCorp is often the leader in providing unique and valuable services.

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